The Summer Pledge - You are You

Sweeping distortion, spacey, ambient vocals, and a level of deep construction and introspection seldom heard on debut releases, You are You by The Summer Pledge is not easily classified. Elements of progressive rock, shoegazer, and pop fuse together perfectly to create a unique range of layered music that one can easily become lost in. The subtle, understated vocals of Dustin McLaughlin coupled with his deep and introspective lyrics revolve around coming of age (“Who are You”) and the fear of being locked in a soul sucking office job eternally (“Silver Choice”, “Lost in the Business World”). The beautifully deliberate beats of Rob Wilson back the wall of feedback and pulsing guitar and bass combination of Jeremy Damaske and Matt Conzett which are reminiscent of many great post-rock outfits.

The production is near flawless, with each song progressing to the next with no lull in between each beautifully crafted composition, a testament to the amount of time and work poured into You are You. Illustrating a talent for creative song structure and unconventional, enthralling instrumental composition creates a wall of sound enveloping pop/rock elements in a spiral of brilliance. Likely to be one of the most celebrated releases in the Detroit experimental music vein, You are You will catch listeners off guard, take them a myriad of different directions, and leave them enchanted.

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