The Recital - Succulent Leftovers E.P.Perpetually uplifting Detroit indie pop at its best, the final release of the Recital, Succulent Leftovers E.P. shells listeners with a diverse assortment of clever arrangements. Down to earth lyrics, trippy effects, and perfectly placed beats keep the listener hooked, boring each song deep into their mind, the type of music so infectious, listeners will find it stuck inside their heads all day.

Tempo changes mixed with layers of syncopated instrumentals produce an aura of punk influenced indie pop that closely resembles bands such as The Unicorns/Islands. A positively upbeat display perfectly meshed with psychedelia creates a peaceful yet riveting album of farewell recordings that bring a ten year career to end.

A mix between real drums and a drum machine adds an interesting element to the music of the Recital, incorporating flashes of both indie rock and experimental pop music. The Succulent Leftovers E.P. flows beautifully in a progression from post-punk right down to experimental dream pop, exploring all areas in between during the journey.

Bringing a successful career within the Detroit local music scene to an end, the members of the Suburban Sprawl record label out of Ann Arbor, label-mates Zoos of Berlin and Thunderbirds are Now will join them at their final farewell show on December 4th, 2009.

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