Catchy beats, a variety of different musical textures, and powerful vocals will immediately draw listeners into the wonderment that is Taxis by Zoos of Berlin. The Detroit outfit incorporates layer upon layer of brilliantly constructed instrumentals fusing together in a pop phenomenon unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Drums go from catchy to ominous, vocals from perky to impending, all while maintaining an intelligent and unique sound. The infectious screen of musicianship overlay Trever Naud’s haunting yet uplifting vocals and deep, intelligent lyrics. A halcyon glaze of an album, beautiful in its subtlety and unconventional delivery, Taxis is extremely well produced, brilliant pop fused with just the right amount of jazz.

From the first walking notes of “Century Rail”, the amazing technicality of “Water Town”, and down to the extravagant send off of “Coliseum”, Taxis is completely diverse album. Maintaining the catchiness that many pop albums tend to lose during their course, the Zoos of Berlin captures the essence of pop music delivered with voracity that is impossible to ignore. Surgical attention to detail, a flow that takes listeners in every direction, and a haunting ambiance will stick with listeners for quite some time. The sheer serenity of intermittent sweeping effects add such an element of beauty which is insufficiently described by mere words. A testament to the very much alive and progressive music scene within the city, the natural reverb present throughout the entire album is a result of being primarily recorded in a former auto parts factory. A sign of the resurgence of Detroit as a major innovator of music spanning countless genres, Taxis is the type of innovative music that keeps the local music scene a living, breathing entity.

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