Computer Perfection - We Wish You Well on your Way to HellBeginning on an upbeat and quirky note, the opening track “Able Archer” begins with a little well placed static, dramatic buildup with pounding drums leading into a beautiful melody rich in texture and optimism. Perfectly placed in the typhoon of ambient indie pop outfits that are helping redefine the Detroit local music scene, Computer Perfection is evolving in parallel with names in the vein including Zoos of Berlin, Deastro, and the Summer Pledge. A kaleidoscope of sounds, an ocean of changing instrumentals and effects, beautiful vocals, and a spacey vibe

lets the listener simply drift with the music.

Without adhering to a specific formula or clinging to a prescribed method for songwriting, Computer Perfection seems to simply throw plenty of ideas at the wall. Needless to say, everything which makes up their debut album stuck. From the minute long “Echo (Part 1)” to the ten minute epic “Sweetie Pie”, the experimental formula has the capability to intrigue audiences despite the length of the song. A Beautifully mixed album, one song bleeds into another making it a perfect, the apex of what experimental music should be. Samples, hard hitting drums,

intonation guitars, and heavenly synthesized beats all come together in a tapestry indie pop bliss. Each song is completely divergent from the previous, a true progression from start to finish.

Intelligent content and vocal style varies from being the focus of the song to being a minimal support of ambient noise. One can tell that Computer Perfection draws its influence from a number of m

usical veins, each concisely implanted within the music. The result is an overall sound divergent from the individual components. Using conventional genres (guilty) to attempt to convey exactly what We Wish you Well on your Way to Hell hardly envelopes the complexity and different layers within the album. “Sweetie Pie” may very well be the highlight of the album. Ten minutes of pure ambient bliss, beautifully delivered with harmonized vocals, pulsating drums, and peaceful synthesizer.

Another wonderful achievement in the pop movement of the Detroit underground. Computer Perfection’s We Wish you Well on your Way to Hell is a whale of a debut that will leave listeners speechless.

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