Rebel IncRebel Inc. offers listeners gritty and honest rock music in the style of Rage Against the Machine with a more conventional delivery. An aggressive blend of punk, rock, rap, and metal forces the listener to think, question, analyze the world around them. Determined to become more than another faceless entity in the world of rock music, Rebel Inc is loud, in your face, and clearly unhappy with the country’s present state. An clear influence of Detroit rock and a passion for what they do creates a soundtrack of revolution. Lyrics far from contrived, a monologue of distaste with the establishment, a sound and message that many can relate to. From the standpoint of a music review, the message is what’s important. Any music lover can probably dig a artful disdain for the establishment and a call to break a stasis of political indifference.

A definite cut above most bands in the contemporary hard rock genre, Rebel Inc has a great framework for what will likely be a breakthrough political rock outfit. A definite energy resonates throughout the entire album and the message is crystal clear. A good base sound gives listeners a great frame of reference, a sound that has many different layers, infinite capability and an in your face attitude that is sure to captivate. The Rebel Inc self-titled release is a perfect glimpse of what listeners can expect of this up and coming band in the future. A solid debut release in itself, my prediction is that they will continue to evolve and create a deeper sound with each subsequent release. The band’s roots are something that can be built upon, the solid structure of their songwriting and arrangements becoming more complex and dynamic as the years progress. Rebel Inc is a name that the rock stratosphere will come to know.

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