Au Revoir Borealis - Dark Enough for StarsBeautiful arrangements with an overlay of subdued and airy vocals, the album Dark Enough for Stars by Detroit outfit Au Revoir Borealis has been compared to Icelandic ambient rock outfit Sigur Ros. Although the comparison can easily be drawn, the dynamic of Au Revoir Borealis is quite divergent from the music of Sigur Ros. The consistent tone and sweet voice of lead singer Stephenie Halpert McWalters entrances the listeners, reeling them into the vast landscape of fuzzy guitars and crashing cymbals. A perfect reprieve from the word outside, an escape of beautifully tailored multi-instrumental music, each song blending into the next, maintaining a static flow, engulfing the listener within it’s blissful ambiance.

For over 10 years, Au Revoir Borealis has been perfecting their reverb heavy post rock sound, the quartet has come to near perfection with Dark Enough for Stars. Artists who carefully plan their arrangements, Au Revoir Borealis incorporates an plethora of instruments underneath a somber wall of noise. Honest, dynamic, and careful in its approach, Dark Enough for Stars has every bit of post-rock credibility as any Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, God is an Astronaut, and so on. A consistent speed and flow gives the band the freedom to accent the secondary instruments and keep the user puzzled, guessing. The shadow cast by the big name ambient post-rock outfits is quite a large one, however, Au Revoir Borealis had definitely found their sound, their calling, and their place in the evolving local scene of Detroit.

A notworthy release of the Detroit local scene in recent times, Dark Enough for Stars will draw the listener, intoxicate them, and resonate with them for a long time.

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