A very  odd sensation is derived the first time through Beauty Damaged, the newest release from Detroit artist Robin Parrent. A compilation of his solo works and material recorded with recently formed backup band the Revenants. Ever changing, unique shades of indie/baroque pop with a tinge of folk, Beauty Damaged maintains a unique sound throughout, a completely versatile display of many different sounds, instruments, and a blend of genres which only a few albums boast. Highly emotional, spanning the full spectrum of feelings, songs deviate from happy and hopeful to dark and looming. Constructed with an apparent pool of diverse influences, Parrent’s own solo influence can clearly be heard in the tracks as well as vast instrumental deviation.

Possessing the necessary components to keep the user engaged throughout the entire album. Beauty Damaged supplies the listener with exactly what it promises, a multi faceted album with many different layers of beauty. A wonderful use of natural harmonics and background noise creates a sound that lulls one into serenity. A somber reflection on life in general, Beauty Damaged is a complete overview of the light and the dark, the album is unrelenting in its honesty, uncompromising in its creativity. A soundtrack to the world around us, often chaotic, peaceful, unapologetic, brilliant.

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