The PhageClassic and experimental rock blend perfectly in the Detroit underground incarnation known as The Phage. Consisting of three brothers and a drummer, the band incorporates multi-layered instrumental tracks laced with hardcore and classic rock elements to for a style that is uniquely their own. The Phage’s latest release Princess Magma offers listeners a rock album that is truly across the spectrum. A record that runs the gamut of rock veins, yet somehow remains cohesive, maintaining its own unique voice.

Call them avant-garde, progressive, or experimental, or anything else you can possibly genre-bend, and you’d be correct. Refusing to stick with a single genre, very unapologetic I might add, The Phage is unrelenting in their music and present a sort of stoic confidence in their delivery. Known for outstanding creativity and infectious live shows, this band is without a doubt one of the acts to watch out for during the Hamtramck Blowout 2010. Check them out at the New Dodge on March 4th, as part of the Blowout.

Detroit Underground: How long has the Phage been together and how did it all start?

The Phage: Well, three of us our brothers (Mike, Pat, and Tim Kish), so we have sort of been loosely working together musically all of our lives. We began putting our creative energies toward a common direction and started to build a library of songs by simply writing what we would like to hear. In 2002 drummer Ben Moore was introduced to the project by a very good, mutual friend. The musical chemistry was undeniable and The Phage was instantly created. We’ve been growing together ever since.

DU: Is your music a result of all of your different influences or do you have a plan on how you want the music to sound?

TP: Each song seems to have it’s own individual plan as it is conceived. We try to abide by the songs intentions and represent it exactly as it should be. Once the song is finished, we get to sit back and observe the multiple influences of ours that the song has inevitably passed through on its way to completion. We really enjoy this and love then sharing it with others.

DU: What is your opinion on the current state of Detroit local music?

TP: It’s hard to say. There are so many groups and people making different kinds of music. We love the abundance and variety. With Detroit being our home scene, we will always be partial to the ever-determined drive and pride that Detroit creators always seem to project in their work. Detroit artists truly know how to make music out of mayhem.

DU: Where do you see the scene heading in the future?

TP: In the future we would love to see the global spotlight shine brightly on Detroit. Not just for Detroit’s signature grit, grime and overcoming hard times, but for the potential and capability that Detroit musicians have to make all of these things sound beautiful.

DU: Have you guys ever played the Blowout? What are your expectations for it?

TP: We have never played the Blowout and we are very excited. We expect to see plenty of awesome bands and hope to play for lots of new people and new potential fans.

DU: What are your opinions on how the Detroit underground press handles covering the scene. What do you think could improve the quality of the coverage?

TP: Not sure about improving the quality. We think Detroit underground is doing a great job. And we certainly appreciate the coverage.

DU: What is the Phage currently working on or plans over the next 6 months?

TP: Over the next 6 months we will definitely begin recording again as well as playing shows. I think we will probably start working on at least a new EP very soon here. We are also always open to whatever opportunities the universe may drop in front of us.

DU: What are some other bands on the local scene that you would recommend to our readers?

TP: Oh, just to name a few… Child Bite, Chapstick, Wolfbait, Illy Mack, Easy Action, The Koffin Kats, Ganon, and many more.

DU: What does the latest album mean to you guys and your music career?

TP: It definitely means more music recorded and out. We’re constantly writing so our recordings and releases need to catch up with our library a little bit. Princess Magma is also a nice representation of our current live show keeping it all up to date. We have been getting a lot of good reactions, responses and general feedback from the album so it also means a boost of confidence and drive toward our future.

DU: Is there anything else people should know about the Phage?

TP: Anyone who enjoys Princess Magma should be sure to seek out our first release. This was a self-titled release compiling 8 songs that we had recorded during different demo sessions throughout our first few years together. It has gotten us by for a long while and we would love to have it be rediscovered by new fans. Both releases are also available on iTunes. We now have better means of recording so the pace will be picked up on new material for the future.

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