Sintex Graffiti Art

Graffiti Art by Sintex

A kickstarter project is underway to provide funding for 5 Elements Gallery, the only hip hop gallery and performance space in Detroit. DJ Sicari, (@DjSicari5E) founder of 5E Gallery and member of legendary Detroit hip hop crew 5 Ela, has dedicated his time and efforts to reviving Detroit and empowering its people.

Sicari’s goals for 5E Gallery are to support artists, build community, encourage dialogue and to provide an alternative space where non-traditional and challenging artistic points of view are supported, and where audience interaction is valued and encouraged. The gallery hosts space for all types of artists, including the Urban Strings Youth Orchestra and the Detroit Slam Poet team.

Needless to say, 5E Gallery is a valuable resource to our community, and they need our support to expand their efforts. The gallery was chosen by Justice Coalition to provide computers, Wi-Fi access and classes for artists to learn and create with digital media.

Your donation of $5 or more will go a long way to help incubate some of Detroit’s amazing talent, and attract others from around the world to come here and develop their own artistic expressions. Remember to also keep an eye out for future events at 5E gallery, which will be posted here and at


5 Elements Gallery Arts Center presents work that is transformational. We provide a myriad of opportunities for engagement beyond performances, allowing for deeper connection and understanding among Artists, Students, and Community. As a partner in these endeavors, donors play an active role in enabling our Students, and Artists to transform lives through the arts.

5 E Gallery is an alternative multidisciplinary arts organization that presents and supports contemporary artists and their work, facilitates the creation of new work, and creatively engages, builds, and informs audiences and communities.

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