Terrence ParkerHere are some interesting facts about Terrence Parker. Instead of using headphones, he has rigged a telephone headset that he plugs into the mixer. He has played at five DEMFs, and has played at afterparties for eight DEMF festivals. There is only one year of the festival that he did not play at all. Terrence has been all around the world bringing soul and gospel house to the world, but with a Detroit flavor.

In this interview, Terrence Parker talks about what inspires him, why he made the switch from vinyl to CDs, and the role his spirituality plays in his music. For me, talking shop with Terrence Parker is like a kid who wants to be president getting to actually meet the President of the United States. Terrence is a great guy, who leads through his actions and speaks powerful words through house music.

Also, here are some videos of Terrence’s past performances at DEMF:

Fuse-In 2005 (Part 1)

Fuse-In 2005 (Part 2)

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