Tunde OlaniranDuring Michael Jackson’s memorial service, Madonna reflected on the memories of her friendship with Michael, and made it clear their relationship was purely platonic. If, however, Madonna and Michael Jackson had ever made love, their offspring would have been something similar to Tunde Olaniran. (@tundeolaniran)

Babatunde is a visionary with a true bohemian spirit. Every aspect of his show is a product of his creativity, engineered to perfection from the mind of a brilliant artist. From the beats to the lyrics to the wardrobe to the choreography, he masters the crowd with his compelling performances.

I have often compared Tunde to pop icons of the past, but one thing that sets him apart is the content of his music. He is an activist and an ardent anarchist. He often speaks out on issues that make most people uncomfortable, like standing up for transgender people and dealing with his own sexual identity.

When you combine his musical talent with his revolutionary vision, I believe there is massive potential that Tunde could do something that very few musicians and artists have; to become an international pop music star while staying true to the style and content that he has become beloved for in various circles of underground music in Michigan.

I got the chance to interview Tunde at the Trumbullplex library, as well as take some video from his show. You’ll be able to see him perform at TEDxFlint, SXSW Music Festival and his upcoming East Coast tour with Miz Korona (@mizkorona) and The Rarities. Be sure to check out Tunde’s EP, The First Transgression, which is available on iTunes.

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