Stop SOPAEveryone here at Detroit Underground is in full support of the internet blackout that will be occurring tomorrow as web sites around the world show support for defeating SOPA. This bill will do nothing to curb piracy, it only gives content managers the ability to abuse laws that are already in existence. It is vague and covers a broad spectrum of anti-piracy issues. Every industry has to deal with piracy, but never before in the history of the United States have we gone to such measures to impede on the rights of citizens in order to fight against it. Indeed, some of the content we have posted here at Detroit Underground may be subject to persecution under this law.

Our main goal here at Detroit Underground is to expose the world to Detroit’s vibrant, underground art scene, empower the community, and give artists a platform with which to gain exposure. SOPA would severely diminish our ability to make an impact, and the ability of other bloggers to do so as well. Please join us in protesting SOPA by signing the petition at, and if you have your own website, joining in the blackout as well.

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