The Accidentals - Michigan and Again

Indie group The Accidentals just released a new single, “Michigan and Again.” The summer anthem tells the bandmates’ story of growing up in Michigan and leaving home on a national tour, currently still in progress. Besides touring, the group is working on a five song EP for release in June 2016.

The Accidentals started with high school friends Katie Larson and Savannah “Sav” Buist. Both grew up listening to music and playing instruments with their professional musician parents. Katie’s classical and jazz background mixed with Sav’s love of stringed instruments, and a band was born. When the two performed, they played up to twelve instruments, switching effortlessly from one to another.

“Effortless” describes Michael Dause’s style too. A Detroit native, Michael joined Katie and Sav in 2014 to become The Accidentals’ touring and studio percussionist. The self-taught guitar player and songwriter brought a taste of Detroit to the Traverse City-based group.

Inspired by indie and garage rock, Michael adds just the right edge to Sav’s sultry vocals and Katie’s rich harmonies in “Michigan and Again.” Bluegrass and folk influences are evident in the song’s slightly twangy melody.

Although The Accidentals all write songs, the summer ballad was actually thought up by a longtime supporter named Mark. The group offset some of its touring costs by selling an opportunity for a fan to pick a song topic. Mark bought the chance and asked them to write a song about Michigan.

“Michigan and Again” captures the feel of summer in the band’s home state. From sleeping under the stars to wading into forty-five degree lakes, it describes northern Michigan nights to a T. But the song is more than idle bonfires. It’s a coming-of-age story about leaving, returning, and learning what “home” really means.

The music video mixes footage of the group recording, touring, and relaxing at home:

Check out The Accidentals’ website or BandCamp page to learn more about the band members and listen to more great songs.