Detroit Underground is revealing our new marketing package this week. Detroit is a city of rapid change from its music scene to its buildings to its people, which made us feel like it was time to a do little changing of our own to keep up. How to do that?

We worked with another Detroit-based business,, to print presentation folders and business cards for our media kits and event handouts. Of the many variations, we decided upon the Original 2 Pocket Presentation Folder and a Full Color Standard Business Card to package our marketing materials.

The designs needed to have the dark, edgy feel of the city’s underground music scene. We used what’s already working and included the Detroit skyline, microphone, and wave forms from the top of our website on the folder cover as a full-size picture. Detailed illustrations overlap the night sky and the Detroit River to give it a grungy, gritty look.

Blurred rainbow colors make the inside of the folder look like a pulsing beat is printed right on the page. We wanted to bring back the grunge, so black specks cut into the color. Fingerprints on the folder’s two pockets represent Detroit’s unique identity.

The business card uses those images on a smaller scale, so you’ll want to look closely to see what sort of details are hidden on the front of the card. We chose white contact information to stand out on the river without blending into the lights reflecting off the water.

Be sure to look out for our new presentation folders and business cards at Movement 2016 as well as networking events, concerts, and shows in the local area.