About Detroit Underground

Detroit Underground

Underground is Mainstream in Detroit

We are in the midst of one of the greatest comebacks in world history. Detroit is making a name for itself once again, as a pioneer in many new economic and artistic fields including social media, urban farming, renewable energy and independent music. We are cultivating a new economy and rebuilding, from scratch, the beautiful sounds and sights of a city that has seen its better days, but its history is never forgotten.

How is this being done? Thinkers, influencers, movers and shakers are taking control and collective responsibility for Detroit’s past while moving forward with a new brand of thought that recognizes why the old ways aren’t working, and the limitless possibilities for our future.

Detroit Underground represents the ageless culture of Detroit that is independent from the mainstream. As we move forward, we are bringing all of Detroit’s underground culture to the world, including music, art, food & beverage, poetry, fashion and literature; everything that separates this great city from the rest. This is a place where you can explore art and music you may not have heard of before, but it’s also a place to see Detroit’s progress in action.

While the world is changing around us, Detroit will embrace that change and set the example for other cities seeking re-growth. We will challenge ourselves to be better than those who succeeded before us, and we will all share in a piece of what Detroit is to become.