Music In Detroit

Hitsville USAMotown, Hitsville USA, Detroit has a history of music unlike any other city in the world. It can’t be labeled by a sound, or a genre, it can simply be identified by talent and innovation. Detroit artists have pushed the limits of music for more than half a century. Jazz, funk, soul, rhythm & blues, hip hop, rock, techno, ghettotech, many genres have been cultivated, mastered, even invented in our lovely city and not so far outside the city limits.

Detroit artists have helped develop and optimize the Detroit underground music scene as well as supply the current sound of the recovering city. Listed are some of the emerging underground acts from the rock genre as well as the acts who some aren’t even aware helped shaped music on a national level. Here are some of the Detroit music bands that followed in the underground footsteps of such acts as Iggy Pop, the White Stripes, the Dirtbombs, and other pioneers of the Detroit garage punk list modern times.

Some of these artists are currently or have been on the cutting edge of music for decades and are just now making their way into the lexicon of music snobs around the world. Detroit music has always been seen as an embodiment of social unrest, rich musical roots, and a general disdain of the condition of their beloved city. Much of the strife of past and present Detroit is present even in the younger generation of Detroit rock music bands who paint a picture of the sometimes overlooked and always entertaining Detroit underground.

Let us know what your Detroit Underground band is up to.

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