Hip Hop

J DIlla Change My LiveDetroit Hip Hop is a culture in and of its own. It is known for its witty punchlines, raw flavor and cunning enigmas. Detroit hip hop legends are heavily respected in the world hip hop community. From Awesome J to Royce The 5’9″, Detroit has consistently put out some of the greatest hip hop the world has ever seen.

The great thing about Detroit Hip Hop artists is that whether they are battling at their local sneaker shop or selling out stadiums across the world, they always value their street cred, and stay true to their underground roots. A good example of this is Eminem. Eminem has built a massive career in music, film, television, radio and literature, and has won thirteen Grammys, but he has never let go of the spirit and attitude that he brought to hip hop since the very beginning. This has been a formula of success for many Detroit Hip Hop artists, and the world has certainly not seen the last or the best of Detroit Hip Hop.

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