SilverghostMarcie Bolen: guitar/vocals

Deleano Acevedo: keyboards/vocals

Since March of 2008, the electronic pop duo known as Silverghost emerged on the Detroit underground scene, creating a ripple of immediate popularity. Former guitarist for the Detroit garage rock band the Von Bodies Marcie Bolen and keyboardist/vocalist Deleano Acevedo offer listeners a wonderfully textured lo-fi fuzzy form of pop music. Heavily influenced by Detroit garage music scene and heavily backed by the distorted guitar of Bolen, the music is incredibly noisy and dynamic for only having two people. Think of them as Detroit’s No Age combined with Fuck Buttons minus drums.

For being so new, the band has absolutely take off within the Detroit; working with many of the rising local musicians and being held in high regard within the Detroit underground. During 2009, the band seemed to be everywhere you looked, from Detroit to SXSW. Silverghost is incredibly unapologetic and apathetic to whether or not people will enjoy their music. It’s pretty strange to hear an experimental pop band soar using just distorted guitar and keyboards, but somehow Silverghost excels admirably in their music.

Taking basic garage rock and making them even MORE fuzzy, seems like something that would be abrasive and unlistenable. But the layers and dynamic of the two make it not only listenable, but brilliant in its less than polished approach. Their two releases on Italy Records titled the UFO EP and The Equine Lips EP have absolutely wooed the indie music lovers of both Detroit, and the entire nation, creating a sound that one can pretty much guarantee is a style all their own.

Recently opening for the reunited Detroit band Goober & the Peas, Silverghost once again had the opportunity to work with some big ass names in the Detroit underground scene. 2010 is shaping up to be a repeat of 2009 as Silverghost will be among the elite underground bands appearing at the Hamtramck Blowout. Check out their fuzzy and experimental antics all over the states and beyond as 2010 will likely be the year that you won’t be able to get enough of Silverghost.