The Old Miami

Location: 3930 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI

Old Miami

The Old Miami was established in 1979 as a haven for Vietnam veterans. Miami is actually an acronym, that means “Missing In Action MIchigan.” For those of us who love Detroit music, the Old Miami is much more than a veteran’s bar. It has shared its stage with almost every notable Detroit Underground artist, and many national and international music acts as well. Often referred to as “The C.B.G.B.’s of the Midwest, The Old Miami is a staple in Detroit’s underground scene.

The decor at Old Miami is what gives it so much character. The walls are a mosaic of Veteran mementos and memorabilia, and the furniture makes you feel at home. Everything from the spacious backyard to the comfortable couches and big screen TVs inside are there to make you feel like you’re always at home.

Detroit underground artists have mostly gotten acquainted with their stage already. They may not have all the state of the art equipment, but they have an awesome sound guy with lots of experience who will help set you up to sound good for the crowd. Typically, a show at the Old Miami only costs around $3-$5. A small price to pay for a great experience and a night of good music.

If you’re ever looking for a good, laid-back time in the D, The Old Miami is always your best bet. If your Detroit underground band is looking for a spot to show off your amazing new sound, stop by and talk to a manager.

The Old Miami Bar